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Welcome to my website - Zaneta Bringel

Welcome to Zaneta Bringel main website.

Art was a way to portrait my surroundings as fantasy dreams based on nature, beautiful landscapes and even on still life objects to inspire a strong wish to make them perpetual. The use of pallet knife and oil on canvas produce a more dynamic perspective and vibrancy expression while allowing contrasts ranging from detailed to diffused representations where light dynamics gives life to art.

Born in Lithuania in the 70’s, her artistic journey began early in her childhood.  Always carrying a pencil and a few paper sheets in order to represent her surroundings in drawings. Later in life, while attending the Vilnius University to study Germanic languages and translation, she started painting and in just a few years developed as a landscape artist. Moreover, due to her professional duties becoming more demanding, there wasn’t enough time left to keep painting. However, in 2010 her life suffered a complete transformation that made her move to Portugal. Since then, she was able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to painting and from 2016 began her artistic training at the Fine Arts International Atelier (AIBA) to further develop artistic knowledge and painting precision.

Some of her work is part of private art collections in Lithuania, Germany and Portugal and have been participating in several expositions.

“It has been a privilege to keep up with Zaneta’s painting development. Between various themes, as mountain landscapes or everyday objects, we are invited to travel to her particular way of “seeing” the world.

Meshed and diffused colours stand out in contrast with others assumed and determined.

Or even lights that oppose to shadows to create dramatic highlights.

All have a place and a location in the world as in Zaneta’s painting.

And the fabulous results are at everybody’s sight!”

Rui Carruço – Painter

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 - Zaneta Bringel

 - Zaneta Bringel

 - Zaneta Bringel

 - Zaneta Bringel